Picture of myself with the Reck!

This website here is the first real tangible side project that I feel that I have set out to complete and actually accomplished. While like most things that I have worked on in Computer Science I am not convinced that it is completely finished. As a matter of fact I know it is not because I look forward to getting to update this page here with side projects and other accomplishments that I will achieve throughout my career.

My Website:
I purchased this domain over the summer of 2017 and was very happy to have a domain that I could build a website on top of and be proud to share(since domains can be rather difficult to come by). That being said I didn't want to post a cookie cutter site I wanted to prove to myself what I could accomplish. I rented a server and got to work figuring out how to get the website up on the internet. Fortunately that was not as difficult as I feared it could have been and after selecting the web server combination that seemed would best fit all needs(Apache and Nginx for those curious) I posted the demo page and it worked. I had a server that was connected to the internet and a landing page that anyone could connect to. My next work on the site would begin shortly before the Fall 2017 career fair hoping to get an internship for the summer of 2018 I quickly through together my website setting a 2 hour timer to see what I could accomplish and up until writing this not much had changed. Still all the structure is there. I considered the project a success after all I had set a goal for myself and accomplished it I now had a spot on the internet that actually gave detailed information about me. Shortly there after I went ahead and added HTTPS because it was easy and that layer of security is important. While reading Hacker News I discovered some benchmarking tools primarily Chrome's Audit and Checkbot which inspired me to improve my website and see how to implement best practices. What I wound up learning was how to enable options in the server configs and alternate data types that could be used to increase the security and performance of my website. I then also began working on improving my SEO as I might as well so long as I have a website. I have enjoyed this excursion into the world of building and maintaining my website and am glad I have a project that I can say I finished.
List of Technologies I implemented:

  • Got my performance metrics in everything except progressive webapp above 90%
  • Added a custom Favicon and 404 page that I created
  • Added Response Headers that increased security
  • Recruiters: Thank you for taking the time to look at my website! I hope what you have seen here has demonstrated to you that I am capable of working in website development and building the very basics of a website. This will be my continuous side project from now on.